I am an artist mainly working with mixed media including: ink, acrylics, coloured pencil, lino print, mono print and collage to make small works of abstract art. Apart from old book pages I often use old prints or paintings that I have discarded to collage onto new work.

From a young age I have always had a love of art and creating. I have a degree in Landscape Architecture from Leeds School of art and the built environment at Leeds Metropolitan University.


I worked as a Landscape Architect for a couple of years after graduating and then decided to move to Cambridge to be closer to my family.


Since then I have had numerous jobs, admin assistant, trainee tax consultant (I hated maths at school), international conference organiser (I got to travel round the world), and full time mum.


For the last few years I have attended weekly art classes and 2020 has brought me the opportunity to dedicate more time to my art work and to working as an artist.

I took part in Cambridge Open Studios 2021, where I displayed my work, still life and landscapes.





Me in my workshop space

Workshop space from above